Standard products

CAS-RN 4093-35-0
Documentation EDMF
Specification In-house
Therapeutic use Antiemetic agent

Description White solid
IR Spectrum Similar to standard
Loss on drying Max 1%
Melting point 151 – 155ºC
Appearance of solution Total and clear
Colour Not more than Ref. Y5
Opalescence Not more than Ref.II
pH 9 – 10
Sulphated ash Max 0.1%
Related substances (TLC)
– Impurity A Max 0.3%
– Impurity B Max 0.1%
– Other impurities Max 0.1%
– Total impurities Max 0.5%
Heavy metals Max 20 ppm
Assay 98.0 – 102.0%

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