Owned high tech facilities

LEBSA’s European facilities are located in Cornellà del Llobregat just a few minutes from Barcelona airport in Spain.

They feature cutting-edge technology, equipment and automated processes, as well as state-of-the-art validated IT systems, including SAP®, Opentext® and SCADA Intouch®.

We don’t outsource production. Everything is done within our own facilities, giving us complete control over operations and production management.

Using our own secure IT systems for supply-chain and quality control management assures total data integrity.

Technical details

Reactors: All fitted with distillation units
Glass lined: With rectification column 1.6 m3 4
Stainless steel: 2.5 m3 1
Centrifuges: Stainless steel AISI 904 850 mm 4
Vacuum Tray Dryer 2,5 m3 1
Vacuum Bicone Dryer 1,5 m3 1
Reaction Conditions:
Temperature -20 to 160 ºC
Pressure Up to 5 bar
Vacuum Up to 1 mbar
Utility Services:
Water steam boiler 2000 kg/h 1
Chiller 500 kW 2
Scrubber 1,500 m3/h 2
Vacuum pump 300 m3/h 3