GMP Pilot Plant

Crafting new development

Lebsa’s GMP Pilot Plant is one of the first to be run by a manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients in Spain. The plant is fully automated and develops API’s in a scalable, secure and environmentally friendly way. Open to third parties, it also offers analytical services and regulatory support.


Technical features

A Kilolab
Triple Wall glass reactor and
distillation unit
10 litres
Vacuum oven 2 trays
Operation Conditions
Temperature -85 ºC to 200 ºC
Pressure Up to 0,5 bar
Vacuum Up to 1 mbar
All fitted with distillation units
Glass lined 250 litres
With rectifiation column
Hastelloy C-22 63 litres
Operation Conditions
Filter Dryers
Hastelloy C-22 0,1 m2 / 60 litres
Temperature -20ºC to 160 ºC
Pressure Up to 3 nbar
Vacuum Up to 1 mbar