Our innovation is strategic: we are on the brink of a revolution in human healthcare, the opportunities will be immense. Manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients for pharma companies must meet the challenge.

Lebsa facilities are equipped with the latest technology to guarantee the highest quality production. We have an R&D department, a versatile pilot plant, and a diverse range of analysis and regulatory services.

gmp pilot plan


Lebsa’s GMP Pilot Plant is one of the first to be run by a manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients

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products pipeline

Products Pipeline

Are you looking for new niche molecules? Check our R&D pipeline

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flow chemistry lebsa

Flow Chemistry

Flow chemistry is about working in continuous manufacturing processes, rather than in batches. Performing chemical

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API Research and Development with purpose

Good manufacturing practices are at the core of Lebsa’s philosophy. We focus constantly on improving our molecular-synthesis processes, shortening times and improving the final quality and stability of the molecules.

At the same time, we are incorporating new manufacturing technologies, such as flow chemistry.