GMP Pilot Plant

LEBSA has a versatile pilot plant GMP for the development of the API’s in a scalable way which is both secure and respectful towards the environment.

The experience and flexibility of LEBSA allows manufacturing from just a few grams on a laboratory scale, to an industrial for its clientele.

LEBSA has a highly qualified technical team at its disposal ready to work in permanent contact with the client, give a swift response and guarantee the highest level of confidentiality.

Contract Manufacturing Services

LEBSA is able to offer contract manufacturing services from grams to tones in accordance with GMP requirements:
-Complete development of APIs, “building blocks” and impurities.
-Production of APIs at laboratory scale, and at pilot or industrial production runs: 10, 63, 250, 1600 and 2500 litre reactors.
-Preparation of the regulatory documentation upon request

  • Lebsa GMP Pilot Plant