Moments to Remember: LEBSA’s Heartwarming Christmas Dinner 2023

Celebrating unforgettable moments at LEBSA! This year, we immersed ourselves in the holiday spirit with our annual Christmas dinner, where we gathered to share laughter, stories, and strengthen those bonds that make us a unique team.

The Christmas dinner was more than just a celebration; it was a time to catch up, reflect on the year’s achievements, and, of course, create new connections that will reinforce our path to success. Amidst the delightful feast and heartfelt toasts, we experienced a uniquely LEBSA twist with a Trivilebsa Pursuit! Teams of five engaged in three challenges, producing three triumphant winners, with everyone joining in the fun.

Empresa de lebsa en una comida de empresa

Among delicious dishes and toasts filled with good wishes, we could feel the positive energy that each of us brings to LEBSA. It was an unforgettable evening where camaraderie and companionship shone with their own light!

We appreciate every team member for contributing to making LEBSA an incredible place to work. May these new bonds propel us towards a 2024 filled with shared successes and achievements!