Lebsa and Selectchemie Join Forces at CPHI Barcelona to Drive Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

At the recent internationally renowned event, CPHI Barcelona, the pharmaceutical industry gathered at Fira Barcelona for three days of networking, knowledge exchange, and new business opportunities. With nearly 2,000 exhibitors from around the world, this fair has become the epicenter of innovation and advancements in the sector.

Lebsa, as one of the top companies in the pharmaceutical market, was present at CPHI Barcelona to support and accompany their partners from Selectchemie. Together, they showed their commitment to excellence and quality in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

During the event, they had the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with professionals and companies in the industry. In particular, Lebsa took the opportunity to support its partner Selectchemie in promoting one of their most prominent molecules: Venetoclax. The former is an important drug used in the treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL). It has been manufactured by Lebsa and marketed by Selectchemie. Their joint participation in CPHI Barcelona highlighted the importance of collaboration and teamwork in the pharmaceutical industry.

The presence of Lebsa and Selectchemnie at CPHI Barcelona not only allowed them to strengthen their relationship with their partners, but also gave them the opportunity to explore new business opportunities and establish contacts with other key players in the industry. This prominent participation in CPHI Barcelona reinforces the commitment of Lebsa and Selectchemie to innovation and quality in the pharmaceutical sector.

CPHI, once again, proved to be the global meeting point for pharmaceutical professionals and companies. The fair provided a unique space for the exchange of ideas, the creation of synergies, and the drive of the industry at an international level.

With this successful conclusion of CPHI Barcelona, Lebsa reaffirms its position as a leading company in the pharmaceutical industry. Their participation in this fair, along with Selectchemie, and the promotion of venetoclax, demonstrates their commitment to innovation and their desire to establish strong relationships with strategic partners.

Fira Barcelona also consolidates itself as a key destination for large-scale and globally relevant events. The city positions itself as a benchmark in the pharmaceutical industry, attracting major players and companies in the sector.

At Lebsa and Selectchemie, we continue our path to success in the pharmaceutical industry, driven by our participation in CPHI Barcelona and the promotion of Venetoclax!