Renewed Gold EcoVadis Medal Award 2022

Awards and medals granted to individuals and companies are meant to celebrate success in a particular field, as we are now celebrating LEBSA's renewed gold EcoVadis medal on sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the second time.

However, what is EcoVadis, and why is this award so important? Why did LEBSA receive the award twice, and what does this mean for our future as a company and strategic partner?

What is EcoVadis?

EcoVadis is one of the most trusted business sustainability rating providers. It was founded in 2007 and is currently trusted by over 450 multinational organizations worldwide. It is a collaborative platform that evaluates companies' social and environmental performance, combining their expertise on corporate social responsibility and best practices on industrial use of technology to create reliable scores based on 21 criteria.

EcoVadis is a worldwide provider of sustainability recognition levels based on a score of corporate social responsibility. They help companies of all sizes and related to all sectors to assess their production quality and promote several types of improvements. Their methodology takes into consideration different aspects of corporate social responsibility:

  • Environmental responsibility
  • Flexible solutions and best working practices
  • Human rights in the working environment
  • Ethic and sustainable purchasing policy

Why did LEBSA receive the Gold EcoVadis Medal?

Having an award granted by EcoVadis for the second time is clear evidence of sustainability. It demonstrates to customers and clients that the awarded company is a trustworthy provider and partner, and an environmentally responsible ally.

We are proud to receive the Gold EcoVadis Medal by this highly trusted sustainability rating provider. This achievement places LEBSA among the top 5% of pharmaceutical companies evaluated and awarded during 2022.

Thank you for recognizing Lebsa for this prize, which is a way of making our work visible. We will continue to work hard to offer a quality service to our customers and grow with them.