New LEBSA Facilities With Leading Equipment: Exceeding Client Expectations

At LEBSA, we are always looking forward – and thinking about how we can improve our operations, make our company grow and continue to exceed our client’s expectations. Our most recent investment in a new facility near our main manufacturing plant is the latest step that we’ve taken to prepare our company for the future.

We’ve Invested In A Brand-New Building Near Our Plant In Barcelona

At LEBSA we have recently opened a new innovative facility in Cornellà, Barcelona, adjacent to our current manufacturing plant. The building is more than 3,000 square meters and has been designed to house:
  • R&D laboratories
  • Quality control laboratories
  • Office workspaces
  • Warehouse facilities
This new facility, which is part of our strategic commitment to innovation and excellence in the manufacturing of APIs in Europe, will allow us to conduct a new R&D projects, control product quality more efficiently and streamline operations management – leading to better overall products. Advanced Technology For Better Results

Our New R&D Facility Includes Advanced Technology For Better Results

At LEBSA we firmly believe that technology is undoubtedly one of most valuable assets of the company. This is why we are particularly excited about the investments we have made in leading equipment and advanced technology in our R&D laboratories. We have provided our laboratories with the latest and greatest tools for our R&D personnel, including:
  • Low-Flow Reactor Corning®
  • Biotage® microwave synthesizer
  • UHPLC Waters ® Acquity ARC with mass detector
  • HPLC Agilent® liquid chromatography equipment

These technological advances have been implemented in order to provide the highest service level to our clients.

Optimal Comfort, Design, And Workflow For Unparalleled Efficiency

Beyond advanced technology, we have also made investments in optimizing the comfort and efficiency of our offices and laboratories. We have consulted with experts and the latest guidelines to create a safe and efficient workplace that will allow our staff to conduct their jobs effortlessly. In turn, this leads to better workflows that meet Lean and efficiency criteria, which mean less product waste, faster turnaround times and quicker production schedules, among other benefits. Furthermore, our clients will be provided by higher-quality products, delivered on time and on budget.

LEBSA Is Investing In The Future – Today!

This latest innovation is just one of the many ways to continue to improve our products and services and exceed the expectations of our clients. With our new facility, which is currently fully operational, we will be able to continue providing our valued customers with the products they need in Europe and worldwide.